The House

The House

A real haven of peace

The Breakfast

Breakfast will be served to you every morning before starting your day.

The garden

A magnificent garden, blooming all year round

Relaxation Area - Plancha and Brasero

This small enclave of peace at the back of the farmhouse allows you to meet up with family or friends, around an OFYR fire pit, a grill on the Plancha or simply around the living room. Relaxation guaranteed after a visit to castles, a bike ride or a cellar visit!

Activities at the Demalerie

A little moment of relaxation in the jacuzzi, a little tea on your return from your visit, a small snack, you can relax in peace at La Demalerie.
A game of pétanque or table tennis? May be interested in a bike run in the sport room?

Enjoy our wood based Sauna, close to the Jacuzzi at the back of the garden!
(reservation required, please contact Dominique)

Let's make a Tarte Tatin

Joining this experience, you will learn how to prepare "la tarte Tatin" which is a delicious French apple pie originating from this région. We will follow a recipe step by step. After an experience taking about 3 hours,  once crisp and golden on the outside, and light and fluffy within, you will enjoy your Tarte Tatin. Preferred rate for the guest of "La Demalerie". Please, ask Dominique for more information.