Loire Valley Castles

Château de Chambord - stay at the demalerie
Gardens of the Château du Rivau - the demalerie
Park of the castle of Chaumont - Loire stay

The unavoidable

Difficult to select... Chambord, Chenonceau, Amboise, Cheverny, Blois, Chaumont sur Loire... but also some smaller one like Beauregard, Villesavin, ...

Restaurants - Markets - Balade Vinicole

By car, bicycle, on foot or Montgolfiere, discover our local restaurants, regional markets or engage with passionate wine maker.  

We can recommend options!


With Starts or not, culinaries experiences that will be very pleasant. We could give you advice and recommendation based on your interest to discover. Here are few names, Assa in Blois, La  vieille tour in Celette, or the brasserie "des sources de Cheverny" just 500 meters from "La Demalerie" 


The French experience at it's prime, the markets are the image of a region. In Blois on Saturday, in Amboise on Sunday or even more local in Cour-Cheverny on Friday. 

Vino Tour

A glass of Chevery or experience the wine of François 1er, maybe an elegant Touraine wine? Test with moderation, of course, but also with pleasure!

But Also

For kids and adults, unforgettable visits!
Beauval Zoo - La Demalerie - Cheverny

Beauval Zoo
International Garden Festival of Chaumont sur Loire
"Jazz In" Cheverny
Wine Festival in Cheverny 
Cheverny Maraton 
Le Clos Luce - Leonard de Vinci

Stroll in the park of the Château de Cheverny

The English park was planted in the 19th century by Paul de Vibraye. He was not satisfied with linden trees, he also introduced rare species and magnificent specimens brought back from distant lands: sequoias, bald cypresses and several varieties of cedar - notably on an alignment of 500 meters. To be discovered aboard electric carts or boats.

Gardens of the Château du Rivau

Why do we recommend it to you? At the Château Rivau the gardens are magnificent. Spend a magical night in one of the ten luxury rooms with an incredible view of the estate (castle and gardens).
kitchen - chevery restaurant


Anthony and Fukimo Maubert are a couple of Franco-Japanese cooks and pastry chefs. Passed by the largest establishments, they bring a Japanese touch to French gastronomy. Nothing could be more refined and unexpected in [Blois], where the restaurant occupies a completely renovated building, dating from the 1930s. "Assa" meaning "morning" in Japanese, the menu is thus reinvented each time, at the very beginning of day. A gastronomic experience to try!